Book your online grocery delivery slot early for Christmas.

If you normally shop on-line for your groceries it’s no good leaving it until the week before Christmas to book a delivery slot because they’ll all be gone and then you’ll be forced to brave that unfamiliar territory of the Supermarket at the worst possible time of year.  Each supermarket has its own policy but at least one, good old Waitrose are already allowing you to build up an order an book a delivery slot for the Christmas week.  The good thing about Waitrose is that you can continue to add and remove items from your Christmas order right up until the day before it is delivered.   So my Christmas tip of the week is, check out what your favourite supermarket is doing online and secure your Christmas delivery slot as soon as possible.

While you are at it you may also want to think about booking a day to be at home sometime in December and try and get Christmas presents you are ordering on-line delivered on that day.  Many leading websites including Gifts & Jewellery allow you to place orders and pick an exact delivery date.  This can be much better than having online orders delivered while you are out and having to join a long Christmas queue at your local post office.

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