Bit of a Waitrose Morning

One of the main attractions for shopping in Waitrose, apart from the wonderful food, is the free coffee and newspaper.  As I am incredibly dedicated to all things Christmas, I was delighted to see that Waitrose takeaway cups have been given the yearly Christmas makeover.

Waitrose Christmas Takeaway Cups 2016

Waitrose Christmas Takeaway Cups 2016


This together with my Christmas paper and tags purchase made me feel very Christmasy indeed.  Even if it is bit early to be purchasing Christmas Wrapping paper, I need to do this when the children are not with my unless I face a forensic line of questioning as to why I am buying Christmas wrapping paper as it is most definitely Father Christmas who should be doing that!  This kind of questioning can last for a very long time and throws up a host of other questions such as ‘How does Father Christmas fit down our Chimney?’  ‘He won’t really go into our bedrooms with our stockings, will he?’ and ‘Why does Father Christmas Drink all the drink left out for him and eat the mince pie but Rudolph leaves his carrot?’  This is really like putting Mummy in the dock and seeing when she cracks!  Now all I need to do is find a place to hide the wrapping paper and remind Rudolph that carrots are good for him.

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