These are the only pickled onions I ever recommend….

Barry Norman Pickled Onions

I used to love the pickled onions my mother and grandmother made, compared with these I really can’t stand the commercial pickled onions that you find in supermarkets.  Then a couple of years ago I discovered Barry Norman Pickled Onions.  These are the closest match I have ever found to homemade pickled onions. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are as the label says Hot and Spicy, Crisp and Crunchy and work really well with cold meat and cheese at Christmas or indeed any time of year.

Barry Norman Pickled Onions

On the lid it says that lid that he never bought pickled onions but made his own based on a 19th century recipe handed down through his family.  The simple list of ingredients of the label says a lot about the quality of this product.

Barry-Normal-Pickled-Onions - 3

You can find these in most high street supermarkets now and they are available in various sizes from this page on (click here)   If you are making a hamper up for someone this Christmas I highly recommend you include a jar of these.

I just wish he also did a pickled red cabbage because I’m still looking for one that’s as good as home made. If you can recommend one to me please leave a comment below.

If you try the Barry Normal pickled onions I’d love to know what you think of them.

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