What Christmas looked like in 1989: The first BBC Good Food Magazine Christmas Special

I was going though some old papers this morning and found a copy of the first ever Christmas special of the  BBC Good Food Magazine from December 1989.

BBC Good Food Magazine December 1989 Front Cover


I’ll spend some more time going through this but my first thoughts were how dated so much of it now looks but it is interesting to look back. The front cover reads: BBC December 1989 Good Food. 90p Food, drink & more from your TV and radio cooks. Christmas recipes from Sarah Brown, Madhur Jaffrey and Floyd plus Delia’s trifle! Your step-by-step guide to choosing a microwave oven. 85 recipes Pull out and keep cooks directory. Food and Drink is back. Kill Goolden sips some Christmas wines,Michael Barry’s two course menu for 50p Chris Kelly checks up on fats.

BBC Good Food Magazine December 1989 Christmas Tree Cake


Did anyone ever make the Christmas Tree Cake?

BBC Good Food Magazine December 1989 Book Reviews


I’d say the book recommendations have aged quite well and I certainly remember having these books around the house back in the early 1990’s.

BBC Good Food Magazine 1989 Guide to Nut Crackers


I love this guide to buying a god Nut Cracker… might have to have a look at bringing this up to date as the subject of a new blog.  Looking at all these pages it’s interesting to check the prices. Some things have hardly changed at all while others have become much more expensive.


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  1. I’d like to see more pages.

  2. Good Food magazine still has great recipes today.

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