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Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.
Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.

Christmas Countdown


Balloon Decorations for a Corporate Events at Christmas

As a blogger I am truly amazed at the number of corporate events there are in a year and they are just the ones I am invited to.  Often they are for a launch of a new product, or a new restaurant or to celebrate a corporate style anniversary.  These events often increase towards Christmas where there is even more sparkle to these events.

One thing all these events have in common in bubbly, nibbles and decorations. If you want to tell people about something new – make it fun, make it memorable, in other words, make a sparkle!  I expect the bubbly would help with that but have you ever been to a corporate event without decorations?  Whilst these might include flower decorations, they can be expensive especially at Christmas where flowers are more expensive.  Balloon decorations have more impact and fill the room with a party atmosphere and are not affected by seasonal price variations.  At corporate events there is a trend towards selfies, which often immediately find their way onto Facebook and Twitter.  A balloon selfie wall draws the attention of the guests creating even more publicity with more shots of an event for social media. Balloon columns in corporate colours are also a great way of meeting and greeting guests at the entrance of your venue as guests are often looking gingerly at a room wondering if that is where they should be.  A big display of balloons will soon clear up any confusion.

Until I came across Claire Carney’s work, I thought balloon decorators tended to just make sausage dogs from a long balloon at children’s parties.  I couldn’t have been more wrong, Claire’s balloons for corporate events make a fabulous impact.  So if you are looking for a balloon decorator in Norwich, Norfolk  for your Christmas event you need not look any further.


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