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Best Eye Cream Review 2020 UK

Best Eye Cream Review 2020 UK

I find even the best eye creams to be under whelming in their effectiveness. This might be the pragmatist in me with a hint of age related cynicism. I naturally assume that anyone who raves about anything to do with the best eye cream is selling something or has been persuaded by someone else selling it.

However, my love of pampering and makeup does lead me a little astray and I do occasionally allow my self to be convinced that at 44, my eyes will end up line free with no dark circles like the digitally enhanced 21 year old model looking back at me in the adverts. I expect this is, in part, because I am bombarded with images for this type of advertising from every medium possible.

One Google search on my laptop for ‘Best eye cream’ which Google then helpful suggests should be ‘Best eye cream 2020 UK” will ensure that I will suddenly get adverts for eye creams and all types of beauty products in on my phone every time I check my instagram and facebook feeds. This constant placing of these messages do sink into my brain as the advertisers intended. It is often enough for me to search for this product on you tube to seek out a review or through one of the beauty websites such as

There are lots of lovely eye creams out there that are effective as long as you are not hoping to look 21 again. My priority is that an eye cream needs to be moisturising without greasy so it makes an excellent base for concealer. If it helps with dark circles and lines then this is a fantastic bonus. I have a list of eye creams that I have tried more than once and these are undoubtedly the ones I have found to be the best. I have sensitive eyes and many eye creams I have tested made my eyes water. Therefore, if you can get a sample first, I would alway recommend this. This can be difficult in these COVID times but many websites offer samples when you buy other products. More about ordering samples in a future blog, but for now, eye creams.

Clinique All about eyes rich £23.37 (Click here to buy from Amazon)

Best eye cream - clinique all about eyes

This cream is for dark circles and comes in two versions. Clinique All about eyes and Clinique All about eyes rich. I have only ever used the rich version as I need a bit of an extra moisturise in my dark socket area. It doesn’t make my sensitive eyes water before I use it at night and it gives a good makeup (concealer) base for day time. I have used this several times over the years and always have a pot handy even when I have been tempted to try others.

Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll on £32.50 (Click here to by from Amazon)

best eye gel - Origins No more puffery

This is a cooling liquid which is great for tired puffy eyes. It has a refreshing zing to it and the roll out action means you don’t need to use your fingers. Refreshing and definitely earns it’s place here although not moisturising enough on it’s own for me – would be great if you younger and do not need the extra moisture on the eye area.

Vichy Mineral 89 Eye Serum £16.83 (Click here to buy from Amazon)

best eye serum - Vichy mineral 89 eye serum

I am all in favour of an eye serum as the texture is easily absorbed and gives a bit more moisture than a gel or roll on. This serum does not sting my sensitive eyes and does help those lines. It also costs less which is a real plus in my book. It would be great for less dry skin – basically perfect if I was 10 years younger. However, I would still purchase again to use at night – no moisturised makeup base needed.

Lancomé Genifique Eye Cream £38.40 (Click here to buy from Amazon)

best eye cream for lines - Lacome Genifique eye cream

A beautiful eye cream/gel which gives the best of both worlds. The moisturising action of a cream with the refreshing feel of a gel. It is more expensive but used sparingly (as all eye creams should be used) these 15ml pots do last a while. One for your Birthday or Christmas List if the price is too high.

Estee Lauder Advanced Eye Wrinkle £42.00 (Click here to buy from Amazon)

best eye cream for lines - Estee Lauder eye cream

This is a great eye cream for it’s moisturising properties and it does make the fine lines look a little less. A cream like the Clinique all about eyes, I would use this again and recommend it although the price is higher than the others in this review.

A bit extra…

Estee Lauder Stress Masks £36.00 (Click here to buy from Amazon)

Best eye mask - Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask

Not exactly a cream, I know but, these are great. They do make the whole of your under eye area look improved and give you a nice relaxing ‘me’ time. So, rather than get the Christmas presents you don’t want, add these to your Christmas list – if you can wait that long. I will look for a less expensive alternative to these and update this post with the details.

All these creams, gels, serums, and pads have been brought and tested by me. Amazon links are affiliate links.

End of May, getting ready for Christmas in July

End of May, getting ready for Christmas in July

With the country still in the Covid-19 lockdown this is very unusual May Bank Holiday weekend. Normally we would be at the seaside or enjoying a visit to a National Trust property but this weekend we’ll be enjoying a barbecue in the garden, walking around the village and having some cycle rides with the children.

The lockdown has given us a chance to start some big updates to this blog. As frequent readers will know many Christmas events happen in July as manufacturers, retailers, TV producers and restaurants launch their Christmas ranges and offerings to the press and social media influencers so that we can then blog and instagram about what we like and promote their products. So with Christmas in July just around the corner, and with much more of it happening online this year we thought we’d better make sure we are ready.

We have already redesigned the home page and we’ll be updating all the pages across the blog in the coming days, so that everything is fresh and new by end of June.

Can you help? If you have any great ideas for blogs, or questions about Christmas and planning the perfect family event or you have a recipe to share or you work for a small business and have a product you think I would love then don’t hesitate to get in touch. This year more than ever I want to hear your ideas.

Happy Christmas 2019!

Just a quick post to wish you all a very happy Christmas whoever you are and wherever you are.

Do try and stay calm and remember it’s not the presents or the food, but the people that make the day.

Smile, Breath and Go Slowly

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