First look at the new Nigella Lawson cookery book: At My Table

In the current edition of Good Housekeeping Magazine, Nigella says she “likes to see a cake that has been made by somebody and is not even.  That is what cooking is.  Things can’t look like they have come from a factory.”  I have always liked this about Nigella, probably because I have never cooked an even cake in my life.  I also admire her food writing and her un chef like list of ingredients which are often few rather than many.  I generally look for cookbooks that are full of home cooking that the children will eat.   I am pleased to see there any many recipes in Nigella’s new book called At My Table, that meet these criteria.  I am definitely going to try the chicken and pea and traybake as traybakes must the biggest gift to a working Mum that needs to do the school run and feed her children.

November’s Good Housekeeping

Nigella’s At my Table



Chicken and Pea Traybake













As Christmas draws nearer I also like to find some quick things to cook that can also make delicious homemade Christmas presents.  The double chocolate and pumpkin seed cookies look great as a last minute gift if we can bear to leave any on the cooling rack.  As Nigella states “On Bake off, they have to make 18 biscuits and they have to be identical?  I have never had two biscuits that look identical!”  Thank goodness for that, gives us all hope!

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Chocolate Cookies

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