Advent Calendar on sale before we’ve even had Halloween.

I know we say it every year, but the shops seem to get ready for Christmas a little bit earlier every year.  As far as I’m concerned selling advent calendars before we’ve even had Halloween is ridiculous.  Although I normally love Waitrose  I was disappointed to stand in line at the checkout this morning and find myself looking at a display of Advent Calendars.

Advent Calendar on sale before we've even had Halloween.


Who seriously went out shopping on Saturday the 6th of October, stood inline at the checkout, spotted these advent calendars and thought to themselves, fantastic that’s just what I needed and bought one?  I’d love to know how many Waitrose sold on 6th October.  Advent doesn’t even start until 2nd December this year!  Sorry to pick on Waitrose, I’m sure the other supermarkets were doing similar but that’s where I was shopping this morning and to be honest I expect better from them.

Let me know what you think and if you’ve seen any similar examples this early in the year.


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