Could you buy everything you need for Christmas locally?



This little poster / graphic was being forwarded around  social media last week and I  liked it so I thought I’d share it with you here.

Have a locally sourced Christmas


How many points on the Totally Locally Christmas Manifesto can you tick off this year?

  1. Take a walk down your high street
  2. As your butcher how to cook your roast – then ask for meat from a local farm
  3. Buy veg grown within walking distance
  4. Pick up your tipples from your local wine merchants
  5. Visit your high street baker
  6. Stop, Chat, Smile and Repeat
  7. Grab a brew & cake from your independent café
  8. Buy gifts made by people in your area and from small shops – feel good
  9. Pop to the deli for those nice bits
  10. Turn into the bookstore and ask what they’d recommend – and then buy it from them instead of going online.
  11. Discover an artist or maker from your town
  12. Check out your local market and enjoy the atmosphere
  13. Round off with a meal at a family run pub or restaurant.

If you can tick off most of these then you should get home, put your feet up and be proud you’ve supported your local community. When you do this your local economy grows and your town becomes a better place to live.


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