A Christmas Carol

I’m really not sure now how I found this, but a few days ago I was exploring the free applications in the Apple App Store and came across an eBook of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.   I hadn’t tried reading a book on my iPod before and I like to read A Christmas Carol to help get me thinking about Christmas.  I downloaded the free eBook from the App Store in a few seconds and was really pleased with what I found.

A Christmas Carol - the eBook The eBook lets you set the font size and background colour, which is great at the end of the day when your eyes are tired.  This application can also scroll the text automatically like an autocue, with the speed varying depending on the angle you hold the iPod (or iPhone).

Having this as an eBook means that I can read it anytime and anywhere when I get a few minutes.

The other nice thing about reading on one of the Apple devices is that you can easily cross reference what you are reading with other reference works.  For example in the first chapter Dickens refers to Saint Dunstan.  I wanted to read the background to this reference and was able to quickly switch over to the Safari web browser and read all about Saint Dunstan on Wikipedia.

So my tip for today, if you own an iPod Touch or an iPhone, why not download this free application and read this classic.  It will help get you in the mood for Christmas and focus on the less commercial aspects of the season.

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