70 Days to Christmas

John Lewis Christmas BrochureJust 70 days until Christmas or just 11 weekends.  I had to go shopping today and again was quite surprised at how busy it was.  Just about every shop now have their initial Christmas displays out.  I popped into John Lewis and picked up their Christmas Brochure.  I settled down with this and a cup of coffee while enjoying the sun in conservatory.  They have some nice things in there this year.  In the electrical department they are featuring a number of speakers which are compatible with Apple’s Airplay wireless music streaming system.  This allows you to wirelessly stream music from you iPod/iPhone/iPad etc to the hi-fi quality speaker unit.  In the children’s toys the classic Etch A Sketch brought back happy memories.  It’s obviously aimed more at the Mums & Dads than the children.

On the way home I had to make a quick stop off at B&Q and they had their Christmas display out but by then I was running far to late to stop and look.

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  1. I like it when the stores get all their christmas catalogues, displays etc out I only wish they would wait till at least after bonfire night. It ends up making the christmas months go on for such a long time and stops it feeling quite as magical in my opinion.

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