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Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.
Christmas Countdown Lifestyle Blog, helping you plan a stress-free Christmas.

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Time for sticky back plastic?

I sometimes wonder if one of the reasons card making is so popular is down to those early years watching Blue Peter and making those wonderful craft creations they use to come up with. Although I had dolls houses when I was little, I was especially pleased with the one I made after seeing it on Blue Peter. Admittedly it didn’t look quite the same as the one on TV, we never had much wall paper offcuts as Dad was strictly an emulsion type person and there never seemed a washing up bottle top available for that all important flower pot. However, I was pleased with it and there was the all important sense of achievement that went with making something.

So now that we are all grown up, it seems to me that making cards is an adult way of letting your creative side out. There are a wealth of craft websites that make it all a bit easier to create a professional look so there will be no winding coloured rafia paper around flower wire to create your designs. If you need the basics such as card blanks and envelopes and glue dots, the modern equivalent of sticky back plastic, Glitter Monster Crafts is great For Christmas card design ideas, look no further than for some very professional looking cards. You can keep it basic and get the children involved. They will love making a card for the Grandparents and the Grandparents will be thrilled with the results.

Just in case you are wondering, Blue Peter’s website has a whole host of crafting things for children which will keep the little dears busy. However, I noticed the first idea listed is making your own MP3 cover, now there is something you don’t need a toilet roll or sticky back plastic for!

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