On this page you will find selected pages from the Waitrose Christmas Harvest Cookbook 2015. We like to archive material like this so that year after year we can track trends in marketing, design, fashion and see how the way we celebrate Christmas changes from year to year.  As the UK’s leading quality supermarket Waitrose are a great company to track as they are always at the forefront of service development.


Below is the front cover from their Christmas Harvest 2015 Cookbook. It was free to pick up at the checkout.The green bubble says it contains 29 delicious festive recipes.

Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015-front-coverWaitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 1Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 2

The text reads:
The festive season is the perfect time to make the most of the delicious fresh fruit and vegetables that are at their best right now. Here you’ll find lots of recipes for celebrating, from Christmas Eve supper to all the trimmings for Christmas lunch, plus a relaxed Boxing Day feast. Have a wonderful time!

Let the festivities begin! A delicious Christmas Eve supper with festive cocktails and sweet treats for everyone (including Santa) will make this a night to remember.

Whether you’ve chosen turkey, beef or salmon for your main – or our lovely meat-free alternative – we’ve got a starter, sides and trimmings that go perfectly. Puds too, of course! Boxing Day is all about relaxing, so our recipes for a delicious buffet ore quick and simple to prepare and use the very best of the season’s fruit and vegetables. Sit back and enjoy…
Championing British ~ The Waitrose way We believe in always bringing you the best British food and produce. And celebrating British seasonal food at its very best. This is, and always will be, the WoJtrose way.

Living well – The Waifrose way By choosing these recipes you are improving the nutritional balance of your daily dieL A varied balanced diet together with frequent activity supports a healthy lifestyle.

Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 3Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 4Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 5Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 6Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 7Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 8Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 9

These sweet treats are perfect of leave by the fireplace when Santa comes to visit – and your friends and family will love them too. (I’ve put my version of this Christmas Biscuits receipe here.)





Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 18

Turkey Gravy

Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 10Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 11Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 12Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 13Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 14Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 15Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 16Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 17Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 19Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 20Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 21Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 22Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 23Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 24Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 25Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 26Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 27Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 28Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 29Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 30Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 31Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 32Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 33Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 34Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 35Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 36Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 37Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 38Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 39Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 40Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 41Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 42Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 43Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 44Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 45Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 46Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 47Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 48Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- 49Waitrose-Christmas-harvest-cookbook-2015- back-cover