Gift ideas for children who love PJ Masks

PJ Mask Gift Ideas


I have started work on a new page of Gift Ideas for PJ Masks Fans with my son. If you have children in KS1 (around 5 to 7) then they may well be fans of this animated series.  We really like the PJ Masks books which are a great way to get boys in the age group to switch off their iPads and pick up and read a books.

If your children love a particular PJ Masks toy or book do please leave the details in a comment below.

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Why is the best selling toy chart full of Fidget Spinners?

Just a quick post to share a story from the Telegraph yesterday about how popular Fidget Spinners have become with school children. For the last few weeks the best selling toys chart for the UK has been almost completely dominated by Fidget Spinners. These were originally designed for children with ADHD but have been much more widely accepted as a low cost popular toy now.

According to this article in the Telegraph yesterday Fidget Spinners are now so popular with school children that they are starting to be banned by some schools.Fidget Spinners Guide


I think the price point has a lot to do with the popularity. In this weeks best selling toys chart the price range between £2 and £5, so well within the range of  a pocket money purchase.

Update: We’ve now seen that this story has been picked up by the Guardian and they have gone into a lot more detail about the background to Fidget Spinners.

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11 Months until Christmas 2017

Where did the last month go? Just noticed that today is the 25th, so in 11 months time you’ll enjoying Christmas Day again!

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Treat yourself to a magazine subscription for 2017

If you received some money for Christmas or you forgot to get someone a present and now need to sort something out, I highly recommend a magazine subscription.  Post Christmas there are some very good deals available on 2017 magazine subscriptions. I’ve been alerted to the January sale being run by They are one of the leading magazine subscription companies in the UK handling the distribution for all the BBC programme related magazines as well as many other leading titles.

Cheap magazine subscriptions for 2017

At the time of writing for example you can get the next five issues of the Gardners World magazine delivered to you for just £5.

Click below for details of the latest special offers.

These look like great bargains. Do let me know how you get on and I hope you get plenty of time in 2017 to sit down with a coffee and your favourite magazine.

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