Nigel Slaters, The Christmas Chronicles straight into the bestsellers on Amazon yesterday.

By Nigel Slater published by Fourth Estate

The Christmas Chronicles

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Price: £26.00

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Remembering the 2012 London Olympics

The Opening ceremony was on 27 July 2012. I thought of this the other day when I came across this shop windows display from John Lewis on Oxford Street in December 2011.

John Lewis Union Jack Wenlock 2012 Olympic mascot

John Lewis Christmas 2011 window display featuring a Union Jack Wenlock Olympic mascot. You can have the 25mm one for £14.99 or he 45cm one for £34.99

They were great games but who remembers Wenlock now?  Did you get any London 2012 keepsakes for Christmas that year?

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It’s 24 weeks until Christmas 2017

Printable Christmas Planning Guide

July 10th 2017, the start of another busy week. It’s now only 24 weeks until Christmas.  You can now keep an eye on how many weeks it is until Christmas here.  As an experiment at this stage you’ll see that I have included a print button on this page. It opens a simplified version of the page ready for you to print out and use for your Christmas planning.  Unlike some other sites that have printable Christmas planning guide this one is dynamic or live and only includes the dates which are ahead of us rather than waste paper on weeks or months that are now history.  Give it a try and let me know what you think and how you would like to see it improved by leaving a comment below.

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Gift ideas for children who love PJ Masks

PJ Mask Gift Ideas


I have started work on a new page of Gift Ideas for PJ Masks Fans with my son. If you have children in KS1 (around 5 to 7) then they may well be fans of this animated series.  We really like the PJ Masks books which are a great way to get boys in the age group to switch off their iPads and pick up and read a books.

If your children love a particular PJ Masks toy or book do please leave the details in a comment below.

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Why is the best selling toy chart full of Fidget Spinners?

Just a quick post to share a story from the Telegraph yesterday about how popular Fidget Spinners have become with school children. For the last few weeks the best selling toys chart for the UK has been almost completely dominated by Fidget Spinners. These were originally designed for children with ADHD but have been much more widely accepted as a low cost popular toy now.

According to this article in the Telegraph yesterday Fidget Spinners are now so popular with school children that they are starting to be banned by some schools.Fidget Spinners Guide


I think the price point has a lot to do with the popularity. In this weeks best selling toys chart the price range between £2 and £5, so well within the range of  a pocket money purchase.

Update: We’ve now seen that this story has been picked up by the Guardian and they have gone into a lot more detail about the background to Fidget Spinners.

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